Expect The Supply Chain To Get Worse

It looks like the grinch is going to get his wish this Christmas unless the Biden administration can pull a rabbit out of their butt. Ports are overflowing and  with holiday season and black friday fast approaching the logistics of getting this pipe unclogged is highly unlikely. Sorry to be crass, but you can’t plunge a toilet by shoving more toilet paper in it. 

Quoting from a recent interview with NPR we heard from Roger Guenther who is Port Houston’s executive director and staff are responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the port and for implementing policies and directives given by the Port Commission. He stated very plainly about the supply chain clog that “What you’re seeing at our port and, you know, a lot of ports across the nation is this surge in import is really putting a strain on the supply chain. It’s filling up our terminals, filling up all of our extra space. The container terminals are becoming the warehouse for all these goods.”

So yeah… You can’t fix a clog by adding more to it, but that’s basically  what’s happening.

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