Miami Mayor Wants City To Mine Bitcoin

Francis Suarez is the mayor of the tropical paradise of a city called Miami. In a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal Suarez spoke about how Bitcoin’s environmental impact concerns “come from the fact that a lot of the mining was being done in coal-producing countries.” So the Mayor took a very novel approach to solving this problem with nuclear energy. 

“The fact that we have nuclear power means that it’s very inexpensive power. We understand how important this is … miners want to get to a certain kilowatt price per hour.” said Suarez in a CNBC interview this past June. 

Miami Florida and Austin Texas have been seen by many as a safe haven from government overreach during the pandemic and tech companies have been fleeing to the less restrictive cities as a result. Miami seems to be poised to capitalize on the blockchain technology space by openly talking about solutions that will spark innovation in the industry instead of just trying to stifle it. 

The Mayor spoke at a Bitmain Digital Mining Conference where showed he was strongly in support of Bitcoin and an advocate for the adoption of this once underground technology to become mainstream in Miami. “Go out there and elect the next President of the United States to be a pro Bitcoin president.” Suarez said during the conference. 

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