Facebook Enters NFT’s and More…

Coinbase is Doing It’s Version Of Buybacks 

In a tweet from Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong Coinbase is going to be purchasing $500 million in a “diverse portfolio of crypto assets,”. The portfolio allocation will be based on custodial balances of the coins held on Coinbase by its user base. 

Facebook Considers Building NFT Features

“We’re definitely looking at the number of ways to get involved in the space because we think we’re in a really good position to do so,” Facebook executive David Marcus said Tuesday in an interview on Bloomberg Television.

New Mexico Officials Will Accept MJ License Applications This Week

New Mexico regulators on Tuesday released rules for the marijuana market. The state is preparing to launch retail sales in 2022. Applications for producer licenses will start being accepted within the next few days. 

Upside Risks Remain in Place For XAU/USD

Gold prices failed to extend its rebound on Monday and fell yesterday ending with slight losses. It remained above $1800 even with a pullback. Gold prices, which had benefited from a weaker US dollar, The Fed tapering fears, the turnaround in the Chinese tech stocks, and of course the Pfizer/ BioNtech’s COVID-19 vaccine approval have all lifted the entire market. 

Will Afghanistan Be the Dethroning of America’s Standing In The World? 

After 20 years and spending over $2 trillion in Afghanistan; with more than 2,000 American lives lost, and thousands of injuries Afghanistan is back to square one. Only this time the Taliban is STRONGER now than when we invaded. It is clear with 20/20 hindsight that America would’ve been better off had we completely pulled out after capturing Bin Laden. What this will mean for America and our standing in the world is uncertain. America is about to find out why Afghanistan is called the “graveyard of empires”.

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