Soccer Star Charged With Crypto Fraud and More..


Retired Manchester United Player Charged With Crypto Fraud

Anderson Luís de Abreu Oliveira, AKA “Anderson”, is the Brazilian retired professional footballer who is alleged to have been a part of a $6.5 Million money laundering scheme which involved acquisition of cryptocurrency. A total of 8 people are involved in the operation. Anderson is claiming innocence and has owned bitcoin since 2019. He admits knowing that his company sold bitcoin to 1 of the 8 accused, but did not know of the origin of the money. 

$1.3 Million for a Picture of a Rock

Pixel art of a rock just sold for 400 ether. That was $1.3 million at the time it was sold. This is the latest sale of EtherRock, which is a type of crypto collectible that has been on the scene since 2017.  This makes the clipart a dinosaur in the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Hey people pay a lot of money for dinosaur bones too!

MJ dispensary Robbed at Gunpoint Last Night

2 people were involved in the armed robbery in a Michigan marijuana dispensary south of Hesperia. 1 has been arrested and the other is on the run. The crime happened at 8:30pm last night. “Two employees were robbed at gunpoint then tied up with zip-ties. The two suspects drove away in a red Dodge Charger before authorities arrived, according to NCSO.” 

2 Miami Residents Linked to Illicit Gold Mining Operation

Two South Florida émigrés are linked to an illicit gold mining operation in Columbia. The operation is thought to be worth millions is debatable. Miami resident Hassan Jalali Bidgoli and Amir Mohit-Kermani are both Iranian émigrés among 13 people named in a 2018 detention order seeking to question them about an illegal mining operation deep in the heart of Colombia’s remote Chocó region. It is estimated by a non-profit group that monitors the flow of illicit money called Global Finance Integrity that Colombia exported about $1.75 billion in gold in 2019.

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