VIDEO: Shokhin Talks Crypto to Putin!

“Address by President of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP) Alexander Shokhin, and President Vladimir Putin of the Russian Federation to Representatives of Russian Business Circles regarding Economic Sanctions and New Business Strategies.”

Have you noticed the price of Crypto lately? Were we correct? Is this truly the saving grace of Crypto? Alexander Shokhin states:

“Another area of minimizing external financial risks, which is also related to development, is the introduction of effective management of digital financial assets and crypto currencies. Legislation concerning digital financial assets basically passed already. We have to fairly quickly introduce certain tax regimes that will not create incentives but rather lift some actually discriminatory conditions for the functioning of these assets as compared to other kinds of financial assets. As for crypto currency we support the balanced approach by the Finance Ministry and the Government and suggest that a legislative foundation be drafted promptly for this sector to develop legally. ”

What does it mean? Russia is going into crypto to avoid the collapse of their currency. Watch the price of Crypto over the next few days. This is gonna be crazy! If Putin moves on it we are likely to see a massive upward move.

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