Did Putin’s War Save Bitcoin?!

Hi, have you been living under a rock? If so you might have not heard that Russia invaded Ukraine and CNN and other news anchors have a huge war erection. Perhaps you might also have notice the recent flaccidity of markets, which also took some war viagra and went STRAIGHT UP! If there is one thing the military industrial complex loves… it’s war. But the question is “will it be enough to pull crypto out of the mouth of the bear market?”

Answer: who the hell knows, but we can definitely theorize some interesting what if scenarios. One of these scenarios may have a very crazy hero call involved.

Scenario 1: Russia is kicked out of SWIFT . If Russia is kicked out of the global banking system… What do you think is going to happen? If only their was someway to trade currency that was outside of the control of any government?… If only… Oh wait… that’s exactly what is provided by CRYPTO! It’s a way to do cross boarder payments without the necessity of a bank.

A big bet on this bluff of kicking Russia out of SWIFT is a crazy move, but it might be a move that pays off. Time will tell, but it is by far the craziest gamble you could make with your money.

Serious Side Note

What is happening right now is tragic and we certainly don’t mean to make light of a terrible situation. We only call it like we see it, and unfortunately this is a world where money rules everything. Inflation is going to go up… by a lot…. Gas prices with it. What we do here is try to find ways to invest and grow your assets by understanding the world sentiment on a given situation and capitalize accordingly so that when the financial pain starts, we survive… and the financial pain hasn’t topped yet in our humble opinion. If you have friends or loved ones in harms way we are praying for their safety.

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