Will Gold Hold Above $1.8K

Last week, the FED signaled that it may start to lift interest rates possibly in March as it attempts to control inflation pressures. Also it should be noted that the US debt hit a whopping 30 Trillion dollars. To put this number in perspective, think about this. If you had $30Trillion dollars you could spend $1,000 every second for 950 YEARS and still have $40.8 Billion dollars left over. Which begs the question…. Why do we still have crumbling infrastructure? One thing is for certain, we are in an unprecedented period in American finance and it would be absolutely foolish to not diversify yourself into a safe haven asset. Will the market trust that the FED will buy the dip? Of course it will… but do you? Will Gold get crushed or continue to rise? You can’t print more gold can you, so maybe we will just have to wait and see whether Gold bugs are correct in assuming that inflation is only just getting started and when it really heats up we will wish we could have bought gold at $1,800 an ounce.   

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