Crypto Crash Coming?

What would be the best thing to happen to you as an investor? I’ll bet you don’t believe it would be watching your investment portfolio drop 80 to 90%…. Yet I’m going to tell you that watching the entire Crypto market drop 80 to 90% was the best thing that ever happened to me as an investor. I bought into BTC when it was $19,999 and watched my investment drop 84%. Do you know what I did? I bought it again for $3,200. It was the best investment of my life. Why do I tell you this? I am positive that some of you reading this now are scared of what we are facing the possibility of in the crypto market. Closing below $43K is not a good sign. I still believe the call of $43K to $53K swings are going to continue and we will push upward within the coming days. Yet the spectre of BTC Crashes always catches us by surprise. Here is why I am hoping for that crash. 

Imagine buying BTC under $15K. Imagine buying ETH under $1,000. Imagine grabbing some Doge coin at $0.02. How about some SOL for $25? Almost any coin in the top 5 and bought during a crash will be green in a couple years. My portfolio went down over 80%, I bought while others said that crypto was dead. My portfolio then shot up over 700% in 2 years. I don’t say this to brag, I’m telling you this so you keep a calm demeanor and don’t get scared. The crypto market crashing (if it does take a hard dive downward this week) is not all a bad thing, it is actually a grand opportunity. It would be an opportunity to go ALL IN. Imagine buying at those lows I mentioned above. Now look to 2-5 years from now. BTC is over $125K, ETH is over $10K, Doge …. Well maybe not Doge …. But the point here is that Crypto and in particular BTC and ETH are here to stay and taking advantage of the crash is better than crying over the dreaded words “if I had only”. 

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