Airbnb Crypto Payment Option

If you have the luxury to travel with a family there is something incredibly comfortable with getting an Airbnb. There is something about being in a home as opposed to a hotel that makes a family vacation better. One of the interesting things about going through Airbnb as opposed to hotels is payment options. AirBnB’s CEO recently suggested that Cryptocurrencies may become an option. CEO Brian Chesky tweeted a “Top 6 suggestions” and then polled his followers. Number 1 on the list was “Crypto payments” which was the top suggestion and Chesky continued by stating that he is already working on it.  

This isn’t the first time crypto and AirBnB shared a possible future. Back in November Chetsky stated to the Verge that as far as Crypto goes: “We are definitely looking into it. Absolutely. Like the revolution in travel, there is clearly a revolution happening in crypto. Airbnb and crypto both have interesting relationships with trust.”

Being able to USE crypto currency is the goal of this space. If you have to sell your crypto into fiat that is a taxable event. And then you have to pay in fiat and get sales tax. So you essentially get taxed twice. It is much more realistic to see crypto moving forward through adoption as payment than a mere store of value.

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