$300K NFT Sells For $3K

In a classic case of “Whoopsies”, a Bored Ape NFT was victim to a misplaced decimal. Have you ever made a mistake on a math test or had a typo that caused some serious embarrassment? I make mistakes all the time, hey nobody is perfect… But  imagine accidentally placing a decimal in the wrong place of the price of an NFT and losing $300,000! That’s what the owner of the Bored Ape NFT recently did. He placed their NFT on the market for what was supposed to be 75.000 ETH ($300K) and instead set the price at 0.75 ETH ($3K) …. WHOOPSIES! The owner of the NFT was named Max and he explained via CNET the whole ordeal and you can see the history of the trades here on the OpenSea page.

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