Bitcoin Continues To Frustrate ATH Buyers

Let me take you back to a forgotten world. A world where wearing masks was reserved for halloween only. A world where people freely moved around the world, and the general public was not in the grip of fear. A world where a company called bitconnect was considered a legitimate company… ok… maybe not the last part. The year was 2017 and Bitcoin had just broken out past $5K and then crashed 50% to $2.5K. The community was fighting over segwit and Roger Ver was posting endless YouTube videos about his block size. Those were simpler times. At the end of the year Bitcoin rallied to $20K and the entire crypto market was on cloud 9. Then came 2018 where BTC crashed below $4K. Most investors who bought above $19K were heartbroken. “How will I ever get my money back!?” They thought to themselves. 

The impatient and the weak handed sold their holdings at a tremendous loss. Those of us that held on however had a very different story. Those of us who had bought the dip had a VERY different story. In just 3 years BTC would more than doubled anyones investment, even those that bought the top. The moral of this story is this: It doesn’t matter when you buy, it matters how long you are willing to hold. So Hold the Line Spartan. THIS IS BITCOIN! 

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