Wyoming Wants 5% Of BTC Hashrate

Wyoming is trying to capture 5% of the Bitcoin mining hashrate in the states by or before May of 2024 which is the next halvening. The halvening is an event that happens periodically in Bitcoin where the reward for mining Bitcoin is cut in half. 

Wyoming has been struggling with retaining recent graduates because student ambitions don’t match with what is available currently in the Wyoming job market. 

To combat this problem and become competitive for bright young minds to stay within the state the University of Wyoming’s President Dr. Edward Seidel claims their goal is to match or beat bordering states like  Montana’s post-grad retention rate. Every 10MW of mining adds up to two full-time employees, and adds other jobs to the local economy like construction, engineering, and manufacturing jobs. It is a smart idea and a noble goal to implement a Bitcoin mining hub in Wyoming which could help both the state and the citizens who live there.

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