Star Trek Boldly Goes Where No NFT Has Gone Before

Gene Roddenberry’s signature that was inked on star trek’s very first contract has been turned into an  NFT. Roddenberry Entertainment has dubbed it a “Living Eco-NFT,” … and at first I had no idea what that meant… but it sounded pretty cool. Now that I know what it is… it’s even cooler. 

The NFT’s creator took the signature from 1965 and implanted it into a living bacteria cell in the form of DNA code! Weird right? But it gets weirder and cooler. As the cell duplicates, it will create brand new copies of the NFT! Which will be estimated at about a billion or more in a single night! Now is that SciFi or what?!

Despite billions of replicas, the main NFT will be where the value is which is laughably called “El Primero,” which is Spanish for “the first”. The desiccated bacteria will be exhibited at the Art Basel Miami Beach art fair that kicks off tomorrow December 2nd.

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