Alan Robert is a musician, author, and artist. He is a founding member of the legendary Brooklyn based rock group Life of Agony and the creator of the best selling coloring book series “The Beauty of Horror”. He just released a new line of NFTs called “Monster Chompers” and these collectible works of art are cool as hell!  Most of the NFTs you see on the market look like amateur boring knock offs of existing lines; but not these NFTs by Robert. These MONSTER CHOMPERS are 100% original and look amazing! 

“NFTs give the power back to the artists. You have the ability to create fun and engaging communities around your art, and you’re able to interact directly with the fans. One of the main reasons I started Monster Chompers was to develop an entirely new brand of characters that live inside the metaverse. Everytime a new character is minted, a new character is born into that world. It’s exciting, and like something I’ve never ever done before! Partnering with my friends at Way Too Digital allowed me to bring these ideas to life in a huge way.”

~ Alan Robert

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