Pro Soccer Player Gets Paid in Bitcoin

Alex Crognale plays center back for the Birmingham Legion. He is now the first professional soccer player in the United Soccer League (USL) to get a part of his paycheck in bitcoin. Crognale opted for 15% of his salary to be paid in bitcoin and facilitated the exchange via the bitcoin payroll service called Bitwage.

Crognale stated about the move “I have been buying Bitcoin since 2020 using various exchanges, Coinbase, Binance, CashApp, I’ve tried them all. The Bitwage platform allows me to dollar-cost average into Bitcoin with ease and without transaction fees. I have a percentage of my salary paid in cryptocurrency that is direct-deposited into my wallet.” 

Crognale has taken notice of and has become  “increasingly interested in [BTC’s] store of value properties.”

“The United States Federal Reserve responded to the damaging impact of COVID-19 lockdowns by printing massive amounts of US dollars. The more stimulus money pumped into the economy, the less the dollars in our pockets are worth. Quantitative easing was necessary to keep our country from falling into a depression, but the long-term impact was understated if mentioned at all.” Crognale concluded.

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