Gov. Shutdown Averted, But Infrastructure in Limbo

Government averted the looming catastrophe of a government shutdown while the massive infrastructure bill still seems unlikely to pass. What they are really doing is kicking the can down the road when it comes to the shutdown. Government approves a short-term funding patch to keep the government open through December 3. 

The Biden administration and the Democrats in general are in some serious hot-water. Polls show support for Biden are plunging as the president has failed to deliver on his promises to bring the nation together. The decision to remain hidden, not answer questions from the press, threaten businesses and people who don’t wish to get vaccinated has only continued the divide among Americans. The fall in approval highlights a majority of the public see a lack of strong leadership of The president, and skepticism that his administration can lead America towards a better future. 

The Infrastructure bill; if it fails to pass, will be the failure of the Biden presidency. If the past is any indication of the future and polls are believed, it is likely that midterms will give republicans control and make it impossible for the whitehouse to do anything meaningful before the president must fight for re-election. 

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