Amazon Drops Drug Tests For Employment

I imagine Amazon has recognized that in order to work at Amazon you must be high. All kidding aside, the monumental move by the company is a sign of the times, and those times signal a severe labor shortage and dire consequences for any company that can’t fill the needs of consumers due to lack of said labor. Amazon is clearly seeing the writing on the wall as Marijuana is likely to be fully legalized on a federal level sooner than later. In this way Amazon will gobble up more of the labor market and even further out compete would be challengers to the e-commerce supergiant.  

Amazon will now look at marijuana like alcohol. It is ok to use so long as it is not while on the job. The company wisely recognized that if you drive, or fly you’ll already be tested by the Department of Transportation because of their existing regulations. If you are hurt or cause someone to be hurt you’ll be tested after the accident in the workplace. This is a great way for the company to boost profit by eliminating unnecessary costs like drug tests. 

Other companies are likely to follow in Amazon’s footsteps as the Covid Pandemic and mass layoffs from the vaccination mandates have caused historic labor shortages that will only get worse unless something radically changes. 

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