Apes Go Brrrr, and MORE….

Ethereum Nodes Drop By A Third

After checking in on the block explorer, it has been discovered that the number of nodes for Ethereum has dramatically dropped over the last couple of weeks from 9,000 down to around 3,000. The chain split coincidentally two weeks ago and could be the cause, yet if this were true we would expect a pop back in nodes by now. It is unclear what is happening with nodes and we suggest caution with our investments until this situation is worked out. For those that have extreme confidence in Ethereum and its network this may be a golden opportunity to get ETH at a discount. 

Bored Ape Yacht Club Sells for $24.4 Million

Good lord….. A bunch of ape NFT’s just sold at auction for over 24 million dollars. This proves undoubtedly that the NFT mania is not over yet and is in fact heating up. 

Hurricane Ida Disrupts MJ Supply Chain

The pandemic was bad and Ida made it even worse for cannabis supply chains. The hurricane shut down several medical marijuana dispensaries and put a hard pause on all equipment and supplies that normally passed through the Port of New Orleans. The supply chain burden has made expansion in the cannabis industry extremely difficult. 

Gold Goes After The Dollar

In a seeming game of Cat and Mouse, Gold now starts to show signs of life chasing after the dollar. Spot Futures show gold up 0.3% just crossing that $1,800 key barrier. The U.S. dollar gained strong enough momentum to knock gold down for a weekly decline of 1.3%. All eyes remain on the FED and its next announcement. This is a strange place for a market to be in where the words of a FED chairman have this much weight in what is supposed to be a free market.

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