Georgia Man Arrested with 120 lbs of Marijuana in Kentucky

What a strange world we live in. When you really step back and think about the ridiculousness of it all. We make a plant illegal, and anyone who grows that plant is breaking the law… unless you are growing that plant for medicinal purposes, because the plant also is a medicine that is used to help sick people…. Clearly there is a disconnect between the rational and the reality. The reality is that Marijuana is illegal in some places, and yet according to our government it is also a powerful legal medicine. So which is it? It can’t be both. It is time for the government to make up their minds. The way people think about marijuana is what is evolving. Take the story about Kentucky police who stopped a Georgia man and arrested him after over 100 pounds of marijuana was found in his vehicle. This is the headline grabber, because that is a LOT of grass… but what is really concerning about this story is the headline pays less attention to the fact the man was driving with methamphetamine and also owned a handgun as a convicted felon.

The story can be found here. Is the marijuana really the problem here? Maybe just maybe it’s the Meth that broke this guy’s brain.

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