A Marijuana Job Boom 

Jobs are exactly what this country needs given the state of our economy, but where do jobs come from? They come from businesses that have a product in demand that is willing to share profit with labor willing to help fulfill that consumer demand. You know what people want? Marijuana… It has a lot of demand, and therefore when implemented legally it creates a LOT of jobs. Marijuana Moment recently reported that “Nearly one out of every 10 jobs that were created in Missouri last year came from the state’s medical marijuana industry, according to an analysis of state labor data that was released by a trade group on Wednesday. The cannabis sector added almost 7,000 new jobs, which is about 10 percent of the 77,600 jobs that the Missouri Department of Labor tracked for 2021 overall, the Missouri Medical Cannabis Trade Association (MoCannTrade) said.” 

Perhaps Marijuana legalization on a federal level would be the very boom in the economy needed to stave off a depression… We hear CBD and THC also help with the other kind of depression too.

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