BITCOIN CRASH Where are We Going Next?

After having a conversation with several prominent Bitcoin enthusiasts with deep pockets I’ve realized there are two extremes types of investors in this market. The first type is the swing trader. This guy swing trades Crypto. He goes ALL IN! And then pulls ALL OUT! And swing trades absolutely massive amounts of money in and out accumulating with each successful trade. Then there is Spartan. We will talk about the spartan in a minute. First let me tell you about the predicament some of these swing traders find themselves in currently. Imagine having a quarter million dollars accumulated from swinging in and out of BTC, and you went all in at $43K only to see a drop of $10,000. You can sell it all at a loss or wait for a bull cycle. Here is the caveat: All of that profit made trading still gets taxed whether you are liquid or not, so this trader is in deep doo doo. He will either have to sell at a loss or suffer the burdenous wrath of the IRS. Now let’s talk about the Spartan. This is the way. This is the warrior who knows his mission is to Hold On For Dear Life. He is stalwart and weathers the storms of multiple crashes. He never sells, only accumulates. He is sitting on mountains of cash if he would just cash out… but he doesn’t want fiat garbage, he knows the truth… He knows what Bitcoin will be and is becoming. He looks at crashes the way a lion looks at a wounded gazelle. It makes him hungry, it makes him excited, it makes him eager to sink his teeth into his prey. The weak will sell to him and take massive losses and the Lion will be left with even more of the lion’s share. The Spartan never gives up, never loses hope, and is ready to go through the toughest battles willingly without once losing courage in himself or his investments. It is time for you to decide who you are… Are you a trader or are you a Spartan? 

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