MiamiCoin Raised Nearly $25M!!

The Mayor of Miami Francis Suarez has been an incredibly strong proponent of Bitcoin and wanted to integrate the cryptocurrency into the inner workings of the city. The mayor announced a digital wallet where miami residents could earn a bitcoin dividend. At the North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami  Andre Serrano boasted that MiamiCoin had raised $24.7 million in Stacks (STX). MiamiCoin which can be purchased via Stacks which was supposed to be launched on Coinbase until it was delayed with Coinbase stating the delay was due to a lack of “memo tag support”. I wonder if all this big talk of city coins is not just an elaborate pump and dump of Stacks… “I wonder” if this is true. If you see it for what it is you can profit from it, just don’t be the guy holding the bag.

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