Lady Who Sold Farts For $200K Makes NFT

I am not 100% sure we aren’t in a simulation. I mean sometimes reality doesn’t seem real right? This lady who is famous for making Tik Tok videos Stephanie Matto literally farted her way to a 6 figure income. She passed wind into mason jars which were then sealed and sold to enough men to earn Matto $200K. You see what I’m saying about this being a video game? Things like this aren’t supposed to happen in reality… either that or we really are in the transitional phase from the real world to the digital world. In this new digital world you can buy digital land in the form of NFT deeds. Matto; or as I call her “the fart jar lady” is now selling NFTs… But you can’t smell NFTs so what’s she up to?

The fat jar lady has proudly announced the launch of The website states “For the first time ever an NFT project is giving the people what they want: Fart Jars. Combine this with the deflationary mechanics, real-life redeemable items, and utility in the form of access to fart jar extraordinaire Stephanie Matto via a private discord channel for all holders. We are certain Fart Jars will blow you away.” 

Alright… I’m done… You know we are in a market bubble when people start investing in farts.

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