New Years BTC Sees A Bounce Off $45K

It looks like BTC will keep swinging between $53K to $43K as predicted. Here is what we want to keep an eye on for the short term.

In the Daily we see BTC has moved below the Ichimoku cloud and is likely to receive downward pressure over the next 24hrs. As we predicted we broke below $50K and found support in the $45K area for our new years. (That was a pretty lucky call on our part.) Unfortunately… There is some bad news. Namely: Unpredictability

Here is the issue… On the Weekly we have almost a pure coinflip. We have a slightly better shot at shooting upward than we do downward. Place your bets now. Given our spot on the 10K swing it is more likely we will move upward so that’s a good bet, yet this isn’t financial advice, this is only prediction and probability. Good luck! 

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