Gary Vee sells NFT Collection for $1.2 Million

An auction of five works of art created by entrepreneur and internet personality Gary Vaynerchuk happened Friday with the lofty price tag for the NFT’s at over $1.2 Million!

“It feels like an out-of-body-experience, I view myself as a very creative and artistic person, but this is way bigger than me. … It represents a paradigm shift and the consumer is intrigued.” Vaynerchuk said. 

Most NFTs auctioned off by Christie’s are NFT minted, but these particular works are the original characters that were hand-drawn by Vaynerchuk himself.

The “VeeFriends” collection consists of 10,255 character non fungible tokens. Token holders will be given exclusive access to VeeCon for three years after the NFT’s purchase. The first VeeCon will take place in Minneapolis in May. The lowest listed price for one token is $50,000 with one of Vaynerchuk’s NFT doodles garnering the highest price at Friday’s auction, selling for $412,500. 


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