The co-founders of Neo and chairmen of the Neo Foundation, which aims to promote the blockchain’s adoption are Da Hongfei and Erik Zhang. 

Neo is an ecosystem with the goal of becoming the foundation for the next generation of the internet — a self described “new economy” where digitized payments, identities and assets merge.

Neo first came onto the scene as Antshares, a project believed to be China’s first-ever public blockchain launching in early 2014 before rebranded to Neo three years later.

They seek to create a worldwide community of developers to build brand new infrastructure for the network, the team behind this project operate an EcoBoost initiative that’s designed to encourage people to build decentralized apps and smart contracts on its blockchain.

The common saying is that Neo is the Chinese version of the Ethereum network. Neo has not been nearly as lucky nor as robust as Ethereum, although if it can capture market share it’s current price around $25 (12-17-21) leaves plenty of room to the upside. 

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