Florida MJ Activists File 2022 Ballot Legalization Initiative

Florida marijuana activists are pushing to place MJ legalization for adults in front of voters in 2022. A new petition was filed with the state after previous versions of the reform at the beginning of the year were soundly rejected by the supreme court.

The  constitutional amendment proposed, that was approved for initial signature gathering the past week, will allow adults 21 and older to use and possess cannabis. These adults could grow up to nine plants for personal use as well. The initiative would not provide for retail sales, however. Which is an important note for investors looking to capitalize on a potential passage of the bill. 

“Regulate Florida” is the group leading the campaign and stressed that time is limited to get enough signatures to qualify for the ballot. Activists must first collect a hefty 222,898 valid signatures to then prompt a judicial and fiscal impact review. After that task is complete they will need a total of 891,589 signatures to actually make the ballot.Regulate Florida is asking voters to print, sign and mail out the new petition.

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