Hungary Unveils Statue of Bitcoin Creator

A statue of Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin was unveiled in Budapest, Hungary. In front of a crowd of people cheering the artwork these words were spoken: “The goal of the statue is to honor Satoshi Nakamoto, the founders believe that his work is truly something to be remembered,” This bronze statue is located in Graphisoft Park and was sculpted by Gergely Réka and Tamás Gilly. While sculpting this statue, the artists attempted to capture the mantra of “we are all Satoshi,” by making Satoshi’s face reflective, so when you look at the statue you see yourself. It is a reminder that you yourself play an important role in Bitcoin just as Satoshi and everyone else.

The beautiful thing about Bitcoin is that the creator has kept true to the ethos of decentralization by making himself irrelevant. You can’t have true decentralization if there is a central figure seen at the helm of Bitcoin. Whoever SN was, knew this truth and instead of claiming the mantle of king supreme and all the fame and money that would have gone with it he/she/they decided to remain anonymous. The wallet of SN is all that remains on the public block chain and that wallet is filled with 1 million bitcoins. Which is valued at nearly $48 Billion. So yeah… this guy or group are legends.

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