Non-Fungible Tokens

Ja Rule Creates His Own NFT

Does anybody remember Ja Rule? I’m pretty sure he had a few hit songs at some point in time… none I can think of recently… but that doesn’t seem to matter because the rapper is smart enough to recognize easy money when he sees it.

In an interview with “I started collecting Top Shot NFTs and I didn’t even realize they were NFTs at the time, I just thought they were like the new digital sports cards.” The multi-platinum selling artist went on to say “I hold a little Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, and Cardano, I actually have my own cryptocurrency, it’s really [a] social token that I have with a company called ICONN.

I haven’t launched it or anything yet but I guess this is going to be my coming out party because I just mentioned it. I have my own currency, I just haven’t launched it yet but it’s definitely ready to go.” 

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