Twitter Has Integrated ETH Tips

This is much BIGGER news than you might think. Here is why this is HUGE. 

First, whether you like it or not- Twitter is a very important part of the social media landscape. It had enabled BTC tipping in 2021, but Bitcoin is far too valuable to risk tipping someone $20 dollars worth today that could be $20,000 dollars in a year. This is why most people tend to hodl those Bitcoins rather than spend them. This has led to a criticism within the crypto community; mainly that is with the following question: “what good is a decentralized currency that no one is willing to spend?” What we learned over the past year was that Ethereum with its native ETH token was being traded left and right for NFTs. It was indeed a medium of exchange or a currency that was actually being exchanged! Albeit… the exchange was for gold toothed gorillas and pixel art mainly… but exchanged nonetheless! 

Twitter has just opened up (whether knowingly or unknowingly) a highway for ETH to drive through and where this road leads is anyone’s guess, but it is definitely BULLISH for ETH.

Twitter stated that these “crypto tips” can be sent to a person to “show support, show appreciation, help out or reward anyone you want – from emerging creators and journalists to Twitter Spaces hosts.” Think about what is happening in Canada, do you see where this is headed? Say a trucker posts a video and says “we need help with gas” instantly people can transfer ETH to that trucker who can then exchange that ETH for cash and just like that the government is unable to stop funds reaching truckers.

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