BTC To Hit 38K Before Breakout?

A recent article put out by Cointelegraph suggests that BTC may need to drop to $38k before getting a breakout. The article quoted Delphi Digital about the weak month stating “For the most part, the price contraction stemmed from liquidity issues in the perp/futures market, which triggered a series of liquidations that exacerbated BTC’s initial price weakness.” and double downed with a quote from Decentrader saying “It is our view that we may need to see some further ranging between $44,000 and potentially $38,000 before an eventual breakout.”

That would surely be a shock to the system, we expect a break below $40 K would be disastrous for BTC in the short term. Time will tell which way the wind will blow, as of now we can only wait and see.

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