Meet A 12 Year Old Who Has Made MILLIONS In NFTs

When I was12 years old, I was busy skateboarding, learning about dinosaurs and hanging out with my friends. One thing that I was not doing was making MILLIONS in the art game. Well this is precisely what 12 year old Nyla Hayes is doing. While not bogged down with being a student, she has a flourishing art career selling NFTs. 

Hayes collected $5.7 million in ETH by selling her artwork in NFT form. She was featured in Time Magazine in Time’s 100 Women of the Year, and made the  2021 Future 50 Awards,that honors  50 influential people in tech and innovation. 

Her art is interesting and features women with exaggerated long necks. It is supposedly “Inspired by the long necks of her favorite dinosaur, the Brontosaurus” according to Tom’s Guide, “I was actually at my Grandmother’s and I just got my new phone, and I asked my Grandma what should I draw. And she said ‘draw something that you love to do,’ said Hayes. “So I love being a female and I love the brontosaurus dinosaur and I said well what if I put the two together and start making these girls with long necks and call them long neckies.”

Not to be that guy, but there is no such dinosaur called a Brontosaurus… I’m just jealous I’ll never sell 6 million dollars worth of my drawings. Go get em kid!  

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