Democrats Fail To Pass Federal Marijuana Legalization Bill

It’s no wonder people get disillusioned with the political system and tap out on voting. Nearly half of eligible voters choose not to vote. When you see a majority control of one party not following through on the campaign promises they made to get elected in the first place it can falsely give the impression that “maybe the other side will?”… In a recent podcast Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) gave a pretty scathing breakdown on why Marijuana legalization has not passed. You can watch the full episode here.

Here is a notable quote:

“In the Congress, there are countless bills introduced to end the federal prohibition on marijuana. Why is it still a Schedule I drug, making it more illegal than opioids? Answer? The Democrats, particularly the Congressional Black Caucus”

– Matt Gaetz

Wait… WHAT?!? What is this guy saying? Now it may be unfair to take his quote out of context because it loses nuance, so that is why we encourage you to listen to the podcast if this story interests you. It would be unfair to paint this article as “Republican blame’s failure to pass Legalization Bill on Congressional Black Caucus.” because there is a finer point that Gaetz is making that deals with the reality of how Bills are moved through the house. The segment entitled “Drugs and Congress” starts 7:40sec into the FireBrand podcast. 

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