NFT Scammers Hack Discord Stealing $150K

In a report from Kotaku it was unveiled that twitch co-founder Justin Kan and Justin.TV’s    Fractal websites Discord was hit with an advertising link that boasted of a 3,333 NFT drop. Zach Bussey reported on Twitch that “The scammers managed to “sell” 3,294 NFTs before the plug was pulled. There were of course no actual NFTs being sold at all, just money being straight up stolen—over $150,000”. 

The Fractal team responded to the event stating : 

Dear Fractal community,

Earlier today, approximately 373 of our community members fell victim to a scam posted on our Discord. We are sorry. We are going to make this right.

The hacker made out with ~800 sol (~$150,000) by managing to post a fake mint link in our #announcements channel. With over 100,000 members in our community, it’s quite impressive that the hacker only managed to dupe .3% of our community.

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