Fable Creator Sells Digital Land For $900K

Excuse me sir, I have a wonderful investment opportunity for you. Why buy farm land? It’s dirty, you have to work hard to get crops to produce, there are all kinds of taxes you have to worry about. We have a solution – DIGITAL REAL ESTATE. It’s just like regular real estate, only it’s not real! If this sounds preposterous, clearly you aren’t paying attention to what is happening to the world. Famed game creator Peter Molyneux has created an NFT game and has brought in $53 million dollars from it. Guess what? A plot of digital land inside the game just sold for nearly $900,000 bucks. Has the world gone crazy? Yes… yes it has. Does any of this make any sense? No… no it doesn’t. This is speculation at it’s finest. But hey, there is a lot of money to be made in an irrational market. 

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