So Close, Yet So Far Away…

If you’ve followed our updates you would have read last week we spotlighted how important this past week would be for the crypto market. All signals pointed towards a MAJOR move the question became which way would that move be. We predicted a close above $60K would signal a run towards ATH, and conversely a close below $50K a major dip. We signaled that it was “time to place your bet” because it was going to happen one way or another. We saw it, and sure enough major investors saw it too and the whales front ran the weekly close and put their money on a major dip. A major dip was indeed what we saw, and at the time of writing bitcoin is below $49K . This is an important moment for new investors to understand about Bitcoin. You don’t trade Bitcoin, you hold bitcoin. The long term hold is the only way to guarantee success in crypto, and which coin you hold matters. BTC and ETH have the highest probability of making it through long term, and because of this are the most expensive. If you bought at $60K and above, you could sell. If you sell, you could get an opportunity to buy lower… But you could also see the market flip and run past where you bought it forcing you to buy back in at a major loss. This is what the big boys are counting on, for new money with hands to make poor decisions. If you aren’t willing to hold through a loss of up to 90% of your investment this isn’t for you. I’ve been down 90% on my portfolio, but I never sold. To date I am up over 650% in just 3 years. How I did it was no secret…. I simply held on for dear life, and waited. There is only one way this game is going to play out and when the entire world realizes the true value of Bitcoin there will be very few people who can afford it. 

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