NYC Bans MJ and Mushroom Ads in Subways

After personally living in Brooklyn for over a decade I’ve seen some disturbing things. I’ve witnessed public indecency, robberies, alcohol use, and assault ALL while riding the NYC subways and trains. Yet for some reason I am shocked that the MTA will ban marijuana and psychedelic mushroom ads on their subways trains and buses. Their drug advertising policy states the following: “MTA will not accept any advertisement for display in or on the Property if it falls within one or more of the following categories of prohibited advertising…Promotes tobacco, nicotine, or any tobacco-related or nicotine-related product; any alcohol product; cannabis or any cannabis-related product; or hallucinogenic mushrooms or hallucinogenic mushroom-related product.” Good for them, I’m sure they don’t need the advertising revenue anyway. They’re only facing a $2.5 Billion deficit… no big deal right? 

Dear MTA, do you have any idea how much pot leaf graffiti exists on your Buses, trains, and subways? Now someone is willing to pay you for it, and you are refusing?

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