Is Gold The Safe Haven of Safe Havens?

Compared to crypto, Gold is relatively cheap. A single Bitcoin is over $60,000 and one Ether is almost $5,000. Gold per ounce is under $2,000. All are hedge bets against inflation, but only one is far less affected by volatility. The lack of volatility and cheap price make Gold the safer safe haven for those who are faint of heart. As inflation heats up will the masses flee fiat for crypto or Gold? This is the question all investors must ask themselves. A wise portfolio is a diversified portfolio. Crypto coins have a history of 50% to 80% drops in prices, and that can be a big worry for older investors who don’t want to wait through a possible bear market. In this sense Crypto is a younger investors safe haven and Gold is the older investors safe haven. Yet we must also realize that a Gold 10x is highly unlikely while crypto coins 10x every week. 

It is not an easy thing to answer, but it comes down to the individual investors personal risk/reward preferences and time horizons. If you are older and risk averse, then gold is your better option. If you are in your 30’s to 50’s then crypto is a must have safe haven. Even young investors must respect gold however, and having gold in your portfolio is a smart and safe move.  

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