Famous “Side Eyeing Kid” Meme is Now an NFT Collectible

It was September 2013, when Chloe’s mother Katie uploaded a video to Youtube of her daughters reacting to a Disneyland surprise!

One of these little girls named Lily started to cry, “but then the camera panned over and Chloe made her cute little buck-toothed side-eye face and the internet did the rest.” Said Katie. The meme and video are viral sensations. The video has over 20 million views, and the memes must be in the hundreds of thousands or more.

Katie continued saying that  “It was very weird, very overwhelming. I had my family, friends sending me these memes – till this day they still send me the memes of Chloe they see on the internet.”

If you have never seen this meme you can check out the link HERE

Taking a piece of internet history and turning it into an NFT is all the rage these days and Katie likely has heard how lucrative the Non Fungible Tokens are… Hey she might as well capitalize on it, after all her kids face has been permanently plastered in the world of Memes she might as well get money for it.  

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